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What is it?

Follow The Savings with MyOfficeProducts. A new means of promoting weekly specials to replace our previous Memo’s Midday Markdown. This will be an opportunity to shop for bargains at your convenience. The following is a breakdown of the items that will be featured each week:

Weekly Deals
A total of 8 items will be featured at deeply discounted prices- with limited stock [rather than the previous where we would feature two items twice a week].
$5 & Below
Additionally, a total of eight Items featured will all be below cost of $5.00
Surplus and specific items that need to be liquidated out of inventory. Overstock Items are items that will be sold at below-wholesale prices. Discounted prices to get surplus out of inventory.
Items from overstock will be shipped from our warehouse and will be 3-5 business days from ordering date.

Do I need to login?

No you do not need to login to order.  Just complete your order by selecting your items and going to the cart.  Once in the cart, if you know your account number, you can add it to the free form box in the cart.  Once you're ready to place your order click the orange checkout button.

Who can buy?

Any of our current customers and new business customers that want to become loyal customers.   Orders must be delivered to a business.  No residential deliveries.   

Is there a shipping charge or fee?

No, all orders are delivered for free!  Most times, the next day.

How much can I buy?

We limit purchases to 1 per account.  Each sale varies as far as quantity allowed.  

There is a limited supply available each Weekly Deals.  Items are sold on a first come, first serve basis.   

How do I get MYOP Points?

MYOP points are only available where it is stated in a sale. We will state which promotion has them and how to get them.

How do I make a payment?

For security purposes we do not collect credit card information on this site.   Customer service will contact you for an additional payment method or to confirm your current one.  If you want to use a different card than on your account, please note that you need to add a new form added in the open field box in the cart.

Can I add additional items?

Yes!  Just use the text field when you are in your cart ready to check out.  Simply list the item name or SKU and the quantity.

Can I order from my smart phone or mobile device?

Yes!  Our Follow The Savings page will adapt to your device and allow you to order even when you're not in the office.

Have an unanswered question?  

Email us!  Social@myofficeproducts.com.


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