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New Office Design Trends for The Home or Corporate Office

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Coming soon to an office near you…These are the smart, striking design elements you can expect to see more of in cutting-edge companies’ work spaces.

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New Year’s Plan: Eat Organic Foods

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Natural Foods

I thought I would share my new year’s resolution in which I have decided {with my daughter} to eat healthier this year. This previous year’s resolution was to eliminate playing online games and to get back into shape. I was able to keep with those resolutions and I thought what can I do THIS year- so like any positive change – one good transformation always leads to another. We decided to commit completely to eating healthy, beginning with organic foods.

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Tips On How To Write Emails That Actually Get Opened

#Email #emailmarketing #emailmarketingcampaign #socialmarketing #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing Digital Marketing Campaign Email Marketing Email Marketing Campaigns How To Improve Your ROI Marketing Personalization for emails Prospecting Steps to Improve Email Open Rates Write Emails That Actually Get Opened

email-marketing2These days it seems that everyone does their business on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device and your potential customers have ready and constant access to email. Everyone’s business email receives hundreds to thousands of emails each day, and along with that- the power to decide what purchases to make at any time. As a local business owner or sales person, you are not waiting for your prospective clients to come to you and “magically” make a purchase- clearly, this will take a bit of effort.

How you gain the confidence of a prospective client though email marketing will take a little bit of savvy and craft. We will guide you through the best methods of successful email marketing techniques that will actually get opened and win your clients.

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Trends In Social And Content Media That Will Dominate 2016

#socialmarketing Business Tools For Marketing create social media campaign Everything Keurig How to create a social media marketing plan from scratch Trends In Social And Content Media That Will Dominate 2016 User attention span will continue to fall


2016 is finally here! This year is complete with videos going viral, algorithms throwing us curve balls and news-feeds getting chaotic. If content marketing is your game, 2016 will be the year it gets crazy competitive, and a lot more exciting! This is my list of trends and focus areas for 2016 as told through the magic of animated gifs and {of course} office supplies!

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See and Export a list of People who Like your Page on Facebook

#socialmarketing #socialmedia create social media campaign Facebook Facebook engagement strategy Facebook Marketing How to create a social media marketing plan from scratch How To See and Export a list of People who Like your Page How to understand social media Marketing See and Export a list of People who Like your Page Social Media Marketing social media quick tips

followersFaceBookIf you are starting out in social media or if you are a business then you want to see a list of the people that like your Facebook page? Then you want to copy and sort the lists? OK so I figured out how.

Credit this to the “nerdish” part of my nature rather than anything to do with being a cyber stalker! Now I have to admit that there may be other methods that involve share-ware but I like things as simple and easy as possible! So, if you really want to know, here is the ‘how to’ get a list of your Facebook followers:

Social Media Quick Tips_2

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