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Cubicle Redo Ideas For Your Work Space

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pic3Working in a small space or in a cubicle can sometimes be a little hectic and chaotic. There often seems a limited amount of space to keep office supplies while trying to keep your tiny work space from becoming cluttered.  We have some ideas to help you organize your space while maintaining your own personal style {and sanity}- including some products and DIY projects to claim your space as your own.

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New Office Design Trends for The Home or Corporate Office

#corporate design trends #corporateculture #corporatedesign #corporateidentity #design #homeoffice #homeofficedesigninspiration #office #officedesign #officedesigns #officedesk Best Examples of Corporate Design Collaborative Spaces community tables Corporate Office Design fishbowl office design Floating Office Designs Home Office office design trends office design trends 2016 Open Collaborative Spaces Work + Life Integration Work and Play Work Space Integration Work and Play Work Spaces

Coming soon to an office near you…These are the smart, striking design elements you can expect to see more of in cutting-edge companies’ work spaces.

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10 of The World’s Best Reception Desk Designs

#americanmadeofficefurniture #creativeofficeinteriors #inspiredofficecollections #officedesign #officedesigns #officefurniture #receptionarea Inspiring reception areas Office Office Design Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich reception desk Welcoming customers with a reception area

Cover and Other ImagesThe reception desks are the face of a company, so therefore careful consideration should be paid to the branding philosophy and aesthetic of the “welcome area” of the company. In this post, we take a look at some of the latest {and best} reception projects from around the world and how they best promote the company they represent.

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2015 Top Pins On Pinterest Product Guide

#creativeofficeinteriors #decorating #homeoffice #homeofficedesigninspiration #inspiredofficecollections #officechair #officedesign Clear Containers for Organizing Contemporary Office - Meeting Room Craft Nook Home Office Creative Ideas For Small Home Office Decorating Your Small Home Office Dual Workstation Home Office HOME OFFICE - Organized Bookshelf Station HOME OFFICE Decorator Style Home Office Wall Organization Office organized office

Top Pins Product GuideWe thought that we would share our top most pins on Pinterest for 2015- along with a product guide for the required items purchase these looks for your own home or office. To see this as a gallery layout- click here.

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Most Unusual Office Furniture Pieces

#corporatedesign #creativeofficeinteriors #officedesign #officedesigns #officeinspiration 360 Degree Series by designer Konstantin Grci 360 Degree Series by renowned designer Konstantin Grci Martin Ballendat chairs Office Office furniture Onur Ozkaya Robert Brou unusual office furniture

Most Unusual Office Furniture Pieces

From the most unusual to the downright bizarre, we searched the internet for office furniture that is unique and quite apart from typical.

Martin Ballendat Chairs

Martin BallendatPerillo Chair {shown above} is available by Dauphin – gallery of offerings located here.

From world renowned designer, Martin Ballendat – this chic, space-saving multipurpose chair with a unique personality and futuristic appearance is perfect for a variety of applications. Available in white and produced from lightweight poly – the seat, backrest, and armrests seamlessly come together to create this cheeky and hip little chair.

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