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Cubicle Redo Ideas For Your Work Space

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pic3Working in a small space or in a cubicle can sometimes be a little hectic and chaotic. There often seems a limited amount of space to keep office supplies while trying to keep your tiny work space from becoming cluttered.  We have some ideas to help you organize your space while maintaining your own personal style {and sanity}- including some products and DIY projects to claim your space as your own.

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10 of The World’s Best Reception Desk Designs

#americanmadeofficefurniture #creativeofficeinteriors #inspiredofficecollections #officedesign #officedesigns #officefurniture #receptionarea Inspiring reception areas Office Office Design Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich reception desk Welcoming customers with a reception area

Cover and Other ImagesThe reception desks are the face of a company, so therefore careful consideration should be paid to the branding philosophy and aesthetic of the “welcome area” of the company. In this post, we take a look at some of the latest {and best} reception projects from around the world and how they best promote the company they represent.

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40 Examples of Typography In Corporate Design

Best examples of typography in corporate design best uses of graphic type in corporate interiors best uses of typography in corporate interiors Corporate Branding Corporate Branding In Interior Design Corporate Design Corporate Timeline on Walls Office Office Design Wayfaring Signage

Corporate Brand Identity_The key to marketing a successful business is to incorporate branding into every aspect of the design of the printed materials and with the interior of the company. Many successful companies have turned to corporate branding to establish an identity that reflects the style and unique personality of the business. In essence, branding tells you about how the people {clients and employees} feel about your company. Brand identity contains a strong sense of importance in the interiors of store fronts, corporate offices, and especially with signage. Typography and other visual forms of graphic identity work perfectly with the color, logo, and identity of the brand. Here we have included 40 creative branding identity design examples from around the world.

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