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Cubicle Redo Ideas For Your Work Space

#design #Design On A Budget #officedesign #officedesigns Cubicle Design Cubicle Redo Ideas For Your Work Space design trends for the office Office Office Design Office Organization Small Space Design Work Space

pic3Working in a small space or in a cubicle can sometimes be a little hectic and chaotic. There often seems a limited amount of space to keep office supplies while trying to keep your tiny work space from becoming cluttered.  We have some ideas to help you organize your space while maintaining your own personal style {and sanity}- including some products and DIY projects to claim your space as your own.

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Ideas For Your Office Makeover: Black, White & Gold

#Design On A Budget And Gold Office Black black white and gold office College Life DIY Gold Desk Accents DIY Gold Desk Decor Gold Accent Desktop Home Office Office office makeover White

pict4Have you been thinking of making over your office- but would like some ideas to make your work space more glamorous? Then you have come to the right place! We have looked for ideas to create the most stylish and inspiring office yet.

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How To Create Animated Gifs With PowerPoint

#design #Design On A Budget #GraphicDesign animated gifs on twitter How To Create Animations In PowerPoint Marketing


Animated gifs are powerful and effective tools to market your products on Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest. These stunning visuals are easy to create as well! Lately I have been creating animated gifs to advertise our sales on our twitter {like this image above} and I thought I would show how I make these by just using PowerPoint {yes, PowerPoint}. Like many- I do not have sophisticated {or expensive} software programs to create my designs so I just use what I have on my laptop. Click to read more and I will take you step by step on how you can create your own designs today!

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