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10 of The Most Creative Designs Using Light

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_lightSometimes the lighting of an interior is the final phase concept for creating a work place, but these inspirational images will argue that this is where design should begin. The following images show just how well these designers took lighting design to a whole new level.

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BP Creates Sustainable Design Refinery Office in Rotterdam

#corporatedesign #creativeofficeinteriors #inspiredofficecollections #inspiredofficedesigns #office Best Examples of Corporate Design best examples of corporate interior design BP Creates Sustainable Design Refinery Office in Rotterdam elements of corporate design Everything Keurig The Best In Corporate Design Top Corporate Design Trends

Well hidden and tucked under a green-roofed, man-made dune, the four-story office building takes advantage of the insulating properties of the earth. Host to over 85,000 employees, this refinery processes over 2,354 barrels of oil per day. Rotterdam-based Group A designed the structure to meet the objectives of the oil producing company, which included “providing a sustainable, safe and healthy working environment for the dedicated staff.” Daylighting, natural solar design and a highly insulated facade are included in the green building strategies for the youngest and largest oil refinery in The Netherlands.

bp-office4Dutch architecture practice GROUP A has completed ‘BP Rotterdam refinery’, a multi-storied office complex
in europort, the netherlands. partially inserted into the man-made dunes of the site, the design rises out of
the ground with a continuous green roof that merges the building with its surrounding landscape.

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10 of The World’s Best Reception Desk Designs

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Cover and Other ImagesThe reception desks are the face of a company, so therefore careful consideration should be paid to the branding philosophy and aesthetic of the “welcome area” of the company. In this post, we take a look at some of the latest {and best} reception projects from around the world and how they best promote the company they represent.

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9 Inspired Work Spaces To “Swoon” Over

#creativeofficeinteriors #homeoffice #homeofficedesigninspiration Everything Keurig home office design inspiration home office inspiration pictures Small Office Designs Small Office Designs with Great Style

swooncoverA growing number of us are working from home these days, and an even larger number of us are looking for inspiration. We rounded up our favorite home offices to give you some “swoon-worthy” inspiration for your own work space. So whether you’re just looking for that one great idea to finish off your space, or looking for motivation to start from scratch you may find what you need in the collection of our favorite ideas linked below.

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9 Delightfully Modern Takes on The Shabby Chic Home Office

#creativeofficeinteriors #homeoffice Craft Nook Home Office Decorating Your Small Home Office European Interior Design French-Inspired Home Offices Home Office HOME OFFICE Decorator Style How to Build A Gallery Wall re-imagined mantelpiece ideas Recession Style Home Offices Retro Home Office Designs Shabby Chic Shabby Chic Home Office Vintage Decor for a Modern Home vintage home decor Vintage Home Decorating Ideas Vintage Office Desks Vintage Study Room

The modern home office mixed beautifully with the romance of the shabby chic look. These small home offices are romantic as they are practical. The soft palette hues, simple desk, and light woods really radiates a comforting feeling to working at home. Here are nine of our favorite looks to inspire your own look at home.


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