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8 Ways A Red Chair Really Pulled A Space Together

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The color red is a brilliant accent to any setting. Its color adds an intriguing and exciting tone even in nature- whereas red roses, geraniums, and petunias bring about the best attention from hummingbirds and butterflies. This color also works miracles in otherwise dull work spaces. Here we show how a simple red office chair can create a stylish space without going over budget.

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10 of The Most Creative Designs Using Light

#corporatedesign #creativeofficeinteriors #design #inspiredofficedesigns #interiordesign #wallpeellight Award Winning Design award winning interior design Best of Corporate Design Best of Design Corporate Office Design Epic Light Designs GLO-BALL F by FLOS HB LAMP by Michael & George Interior Design With Light Wall Peel by YOY

_lightSometimes the lighting of an interior is the final phase concept for creating a work place, but these inspirational images will argue that this is where design should begin. The following images show just how well these designers took lighting design to a whole new level.

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New Office Design Trends for The Home or Corporate Office

#corporate design trends #corporateculture #corporatedesign #corporateidentity #design #homeoffice #homeofficedesigninspiration #office #officedesign #officedesigns #officedesk Best Examples of Corporate Design Collaborative Spaces community tables Corporate Office Design fishbowl office design Floating Office Designs Home Office office design trends office design trends 2016 Open Collaborative Spaces Work + Life Integration Work and Play Work Space Integration Work and Play Work Spaces

Coming soon to an office near you…These are the smart, striking design elements you can expect to see more of in cutting-edge companies’ work spaces.

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BP Creates Sustainable Design Refinery Office in Rotterdam

#corporatedesign #creativeofficeinteriors #inspiredofficecollections #inspiredofficedesigns #office Best Examples of Corporate Design best examples of corporate interior design BP Creates Sustainable Design Refinery Office in Rotterdam elements of corporate design Everything Keurig The Best In Corporate Design Top Corporate Design Trends

Well hidden and tucked under a green-roofed, man-made dune, the four-story office building takes advantage of the insulating properties of the earth. Host to over 85,000 employees, this refinery processes over 2,354 barrels of oil per day. Rotterdam-based Group A designed the structure to meet the objectives of the oil producing company, which included “providing a sustainable, safe and healthy working environment for the dedicated staff.” Daylighting, natural solar design and a highly insulated facade are included in the green building strategies for the youngest and largest oil refinery in The Netherlands.

bp-office4Dutch architecture practice GROUP A has completed ‘BP Rotterdam refinery’, a multi-storied office complex
in europort, the netherlands. partially inserted into the man-made dunes of the site, the design rises out of
the ground with a continuous green roof that merges the building with its surrounding landscape.

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Inside The World’s Most Futuristic Offices

#corporatedesign Best Examples of Corporate Design Corporate Office Design futuristic corporate offices Futuristic Office Futuristic Office Design Futuristic Office Designs IBM BRIEFING CENTER Office POD Exhibition Pavilion The Office of The Future

CoverThe primary challenge for today’s corporate interior designer is to provide adaptability to an ever changing landscape of technology, global culture, and design to meet the needs of those who will inhabit the work space.  The following spaces show a specific focus on that fluidity of design and workplace function while maintaining a modern, futuristic look.

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