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Cubicle Redo Ideas For Your Work Space

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pic3Working in a small space or in a cubicle can sometimes be a little hectic and chaotic. There often seems a limited amount of space to keep office supplies while trying to keep your tiny work space from becoming cluttered.  We have some ideas to help you organize your space while maintaining your own personal style {and sanity}- including some products and DIY projects to claim your space as your own.

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

brightly colored cereal box drawer organizersThis idea from iheartorganizing- takes a small drawer and makes it super organized and cute using simple cereal boxes plus colorful papers to create cubbies for your office supplies. For this simple project, all you will have to do is save some of your left over cereal boxes, find some pretty papers at a hobby store to tape, measure, and wrap. For full instructions on how to create this project with step by step instructions- click here.

DIY A Simple Stationery Organizer

Who could resist such a cute and stylish way to organize your cards than this idea from damask love! Instead of letting your stationary pile up on your workstation- why not customize your cards in this accordion style keepsake? picFull instructions with step by step photos are found on damask love’s site by clicking this link here.

Create A Small Scene for Your Desk  Top

pic3Whether it is the dead of winter or if you are working and dreaming of a vacation- this charming little DIY Project is sure to make you {and others} smile! To see how to create your own Desk Beach Terrarium – see this video link from BuzzFeed by clicking here.

DIY Marque Lights

pic2Everyone likes to see their name in lights! Why not give your own work space the “Hollywood Treatment” with just a few simple materials! Blogger Amy from homeyohmy has a simple tutorial for all the materials you will need to create this look {link to photos + instructions click here}. For a video tutorial from Buzzfeed {which offers a similar method to create this look but with a hole punch} click here.

DIY Paint Chip Calendar


pic2Maple & Magnolia has a cheerful project for a refined and forever calendar that you can write over again and again with a dry erase marker. The secret in building this project is to purchase an inexpensive poster frame {like universal®’s 24″ x 36″ frame $29.99- SKU: UNV76871 } AND A total of 35 paint chips {from any home improvement store}. Click on this link here for full instructions how to create this calendar.

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