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How To Create Animated Gifs With PowerPoint

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Animated gifs are powerful and effective tools to market your products on Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest. These stunning visuals are easy to create as well! Lately I have been creating animated gifs to advertise our sales on our twitter {like this image above} and I thought I would show how I make these by just using PowerPoint {yes, PowerPoint}. Like many- I do not have sophisticated {or expensive} software programs to create my designs so I just use what I have on my laptop. Click to read more and I will take you step by step on how you can create your own designs today!


output_e3o5aXIn 2014 I decided to join a website that hosted contests for freelancers to make “quick” money with their designs- this is how I discovered how to animate with PowerPoint {because it was the only program I had at the time}. The image above is pretty crude but it was created 100% by hand drawing everything in PowerPoint.


output_CnXPxJHere is a quick character that I also drew on a freelance assignment- I animated this morning frame by frame {or slide by slide} to show how to animate a character. In all- the animation took 30 minutes to create by using simple movements and then duplicating back to the first frame. Here is what each image looks like on each slide on PowerPoint:

bob2Each slide is “duplicated” and moved ever so slightly to create a movement. As the character ends his “wave”- then I duplicated the slide from before so that I can create a continuous loop. Animation of characters does take up a lot of time and often folks do not have the time to hand draw items in PowerPoint- but there are simpler animations that do not take any skill- and here I will take you through the steps to show you how to create animations with images.

HOW TO DESIGN SIMPLE ANIMATIONS Step by Step with Static Images

output_IwSAJFAnimations like this example above are simple and clear to the point. Using simple primary colors and good images- it is easy to see how an image like this will get attention on a news feed on twitter. It is remarkably easy to create as well! Begin with good, crisp images of the products you want to promote- then open your PowerPoint document and adjust your page to 4″ x 4″:

Getting StartedThen adjust what colors you want to format your background- in this I choose primary colors red, blue, and yellow:

Getting Started2Then I dropped in my images and removed the background using the Format/Remove Background in PowerPoint as shown:

Getting Started3Following that I created three other frames – also in red, blue, and yellow to create the animation in order. Dropped in a heading “WEEKLY SALE” and saved my files as JPEGs {total of six slides as shown below}.

ImagesThe real fun part is to go online to an animated gif maker site that will take those JPEGs and create your animated GIF. I use gifmaker.me {link to site here} – all you will need to do next is “UPLOAD IMAGES” then select “Create GIF Animation” once your images are loaded and the animated loop is the size and speed you want.

Images2When you save your Gif- it will drop to your download folder on your desktop and it will be ready for you to post!

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PPTgraphicBefore you think you need to purchase an expensive design program or hire a designer -you may be surprised to learn that you can create appealing – agency level graphics all with the use of PowerPoint. We will help you make sense of dimension requirements, place images, crop and align graphics, and even provide a few useful PowerPoint Templates to help you get started!

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