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10 of The Most Creative Designs Using Light

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_lightSometimes the lighting of an interior is the final phase concept for creating a work place, but these inspirational images will argue that this is where design should begin. The following images show just how well these designers took lighting design to a whole new level.


imageJapanese design firm YOY designed the Peel Wall Light design to create the concept that the wall is peeling and that light was “leaking out”. The trick to this lamp design was to use thin LED materials {OLED} to hide the light source so that it does not stand out. Upon installation, the cable is tucked discreetly into the corner to give the feel that the light is radiating from outside. The design in itself is one part trompe l’oeil + one part design genius with applications for any room to create a one of a kind focal point.

image5The lamp is expected to be in stock October 2016 and lists for $466+USD {Source link: yoy-idea }

HB LAMP by Michael & George


image4The design of this unique lame is both fun and innovative. The humble pencil can now be the focal point of any room. What is best is that this design lends to many different applications as the cord could be juxtaposed to represent the “pencil writing”.

image6HB Lamp comes shipped inside of packaging that looks like a pencil box! The HB Lamp was names as part of Fast Company’s The Best Lighting Design of 2014. The lamp comes in both large and small-desktop sized {available March 2016} versions and can be found by clicking here.


Glo_Ball_1Jasper Morrison’s GLO-BALL F is a unique floor lamp that emits a soft glow through its hand-blown etched white opaline glass globe. The warm diffused light is punctuated with a matte silver stem and base which is designed to resemble the bright glow of a full moon on a clear night.

GloBallF_montageThe simple design has significance as a focal accent piece in any home or work setting {as shown here} and is available for  795+ {Source link here}. What is even better is that the lighting sets also come in different styles, table lamps and pendents- see more of the GLO-BALL family by clicking here.

U Černé Matky Boží located in Prague, Czech Republic by Josef Gočár

_lightSometimes using light in design can be done in unexpected ways. This timeless work was designed between 1911-1912 by Czech architect Josef Gočár. The staircase is located in the inner city of Prague and is an excellent example of purposeful design using natural light {photograph source: Dennis Fischer- link here}.



tetrislightPerhaps a bit more fun than innovative, the Tetris Light emits a glow of light when stacked. Remove a shape- then it turns off. The Tetris light is sure to be a conversation piece no matter where you place it! Chromed piping on each shape safely emits low voltage electricity and will shine even if two pieces barely touch. Its addictive qualities are certain to keep you from working if this is on your desk top. Available for $39. + {Source link here}

1962 by Franco Zavarise at ZAVA

image1These two lamps together make a brilliant statement in any room. Classic and stunning design combined with traditional manufacturing create a one of kind look. For more about the lamp {as well as other lamp styles} click here, to see more about designer Franco Zavarise {and his designs}- click here.

Arp Museum Rolandseck by Piaseno


image20A stunning visual leads visitors from the Arp Museum in this tunnel, various tunnels link buildings together through this configuration of architecture. The lighting was designed by artist Barbara Trautmann and is an inspiration of how light can beautify any space. {for more see link here}

mathieu lehanneur | daylight dome


image19The daylight dome for designer Mathieu Lehanneur is a perfect response to defining a tall ceiling. The designer created the light dome entirely out of industrial neon lighting to recreate the look of natural lighting. The installation was created to reveal the store’s polished silver Christofle objects. {Source link here}


Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre


The Shenzhen Bay Sports Center is located in the central zone of Houhai, Nanshan, Shenzhen Bay and offers a stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness facilities, athletes reception center, and commercial facilities. Designed to emit natural light during the day and to exude artificial light at night {per image below}. The massive structure covers 300,000 square meters and took an investment of over $2.3 billion to erect. {Source link here} The building consists of three arenas and hosts a capacity of 20,000 spectators.


NERVOUS STRUCTURES by Cristobal Mendoza and Annica Cuppetelli


imageStanding Waves as exhibited during the Nemo Festival in 2013 at Le CENTQUATRE, Paris, France showcases the beauty of light and movement together. Digital media artist Cristobal Mendoza and Annica Cuppetelli collaborated together to design installations that combine physical structures with media. The results of this collaboration is absolutely amazing and breathtaking. To appreciate the full extent of this exhibit- see the video link here. For more on Cuppetelli and Mendoza- view the website link here.

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